blue sky surveillance introduces to you the most innovative, reliable and simple security camera suitable for all your indoor and outdoor needs.

introducing the new wilife security cameras, making security surveillance a whole lot easier. this easy to install security system is not only cheaper than other systems, but also sets its own standard with respect to remote access, installation, programmed alerts, and quality color picture and video display. this product is now available in trinidad and tobago from blue sky surveillance, a recognized and authorized reseller and distributor for wilife security.

this pc based surveillance system uses the technology of computers to record and store video images onto your pc for later viewing. you can alarm your system using the provided software for your pc to alert you via email or smart phone. you have the impressive added bonus of remote viewing, allowing the owner to log into their personal wilife account to view what is happening at their home at real time from anywhere in the world on their pc or cell phone. a single customer can setup individual stations at their various homes or businesses and view live activity from any computer with high speed internet access.

500vp彩的彩 the cameras are a plug and go system and can easily be moved from one place to another, it is that easy. there is also the added option of upgrading to the wilife platinum package which allows the user to store their recorded videos online on wilife’s online storage space. the individual can also widen their lens angle, zoom in up to 2× and actually move their lens via their p.c. this system is ideal for homes and small business and requires only a computer and you. a high internet connection will facilitate the remote viewing option.

500vp彩的彩 at blue sky surveillance we have several packages suitable for your various personal or business needs. we also provide the smart phones and computers so you do not have to make anymore stops to get your complete security surveillance package. 

to understand more about wilife click on product tour icon to see for yourself the ease and greatness of wilife home security surveillance systems. for further information visit our office to view a live demonstration and have all your questions answered and see which security package will be right for you. 

Blue Sky Surveillance sells brings to you the most innovative, reliable and simple security camera suitable for all your indoor and outdoor needs
Night Vision & Accessories
z The Indoor NightVision 50 Illuminator Kit consists of an illuminator and 80° Day/Night filter lens that can be used with the Luk Camera to capture quality video in low-light areas or complete
icon WiLife Platinum
Better protect your property, business, and employees with features like desktop notifications, scheduled alerts, password system control, and setup-free access to your cameras and recorded videoover the Internet from anywhere in the world, at any time.
Product Advantages:
Desktop Notifications
Password System Lock
Digital Pan - Tilt - Zoom
Connection Monitoring
Online Video Storage
Remote Camera Management
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